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September 20, 2018
Mr. Seth Olson



My name is Seth Olson, and I teach AP United States History, Theatre Explore, and Elements of Theatre.

I am excited to start my fourteenth year at VSAA. I look forward to experiencing the energy, creativity, and caring that characterize the students who attend our school. I also look forward to working with parents, finding new ways for you to participate and support your child’s learning. I have some big changes ahead, teaching high school social studies! Thank you for your patience as I adjust, for providing a quiet space for your student to study, and for keeping in touch with their learning and with me on any concerns. Feel free to browse through the syllabi for details on the classes I teach. Together, we can make it a great year!


Miss a class? Lose a worksheet? Need more information on an assignment? Check out the links below to get yourself caught up!


My email contact is:


My office hours are:

Mondays & Thursdays - 8:30 - 9:30am

Tuesdays & Wednesdays - 4:05 - 5:00pm*

I am also available Enrichment A!

*During rehearsals, afternoon times are subject to change. Please contact me ahead of time to ensure I am available.


Here are some links for students in my Theatre Explore class. They can help you solve many of your questions. Check some of them out!

Theatre Explore Syllabus
Click here to view my Theatre Explore syllabus.
Theatre History Timeline
Wonder where theatre came from? Check out this interactive timeline that looks all the way back to the beginnings of theatre in Ancient Greece!
Seven Ages of Man
See the Seven Ages of Man speech from Shakespeare's As You Like It. A beautiful performance by Nicholas Pennell.


Below are forms and links for students in Elements of Theatre: Language & Text. Please feel free to peruse at your leisure!

Elements of Theatre: Language & Text Syllabus
Click here to view my Elements of Theatre: Language & Text syllabus.
Play Reading Journal
Click here for the play reading journal format. Remember, journal entries should be typed in 14 point font, Times New Roman or equivalent, and 1.5 spaced. Submit your final work into Turnitin.com.
Semester 2 Play Reading Journal
Click here see a list of Shakespeare's plays, separated by category, as well as some other options for playwrights if this is your second time in my class.
Tech Hours Form
Click here to get the form for your Tech Hours. If this is your first time in an Elements class, you need 5. If it's your second or third, you need 10.
Modern Theatre Realism
Click on this link to take you to a page with information on Theatre Realism.
Tackling Shakespeare Form
Ready to take on the Bard? Use this form to "translate" the text into something more modern!
Shakespearean Monologues
Looking for a great audition monologue? This site has selections from every play arranged by gender! Check it out today!


Below are links, forms, and other information for students participating in a production or interested in the VSAA Extended Day Theatre Program!

Interested in participating in our 2018 Summer Shakespeare production of "Two Gentlemen of Verona"? Click the image above for more information about auditions and rehearsal!
Attached is the Cast List for "The Two Gentlemen of Verona". PLEASE EMAIL ME TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE YOUR ROLE! Congrats to everyone and see you Monday, July 9th at 9:00AM!

AP United States History

Below are links and assignments from my AP United State History class. Students in either Period 1, 4, or 6 may find these useful!
2018 AP US History Summer Assignment
Click the link above to see the 2018-19 Summer Assignment for AP United States History. Assignments are DUE the first day of school (Wednesday, August 29th). Please contact Mr. Olson if you have questions.
2018 APUSH Summer Assignment Article
Click the link to read the Summer Assignment "1491" by Charles C. Mann from The Atlantic magazine (March 2002). You may use the link in the above document to read it online.

AP Comparative Government & Politics

Below are links and assignments from my AP Comparative Government & Politics class. Students in either period may find these useful!
AP Comparative Government Summer Assignment
Click here to view the Summer Assignment for AP Comparative Government & Politics. Both activities are DUE Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 (the first day of class). See Mr. Olson for questions.
AP Comparative Government Syllabus
Click here for the syllabus for AP Comparative Government & Politics. This is a full year course for Yellow Team (11th & 12th) students.
AP Comarative Government Calendar
Wondering what's due and when? Check out this page for information on assignments and due dates! This document will updated regularly, so check back every few weeks! Last Updated: Tuesday, October 10th
Essentials of Comparative Politics
Having trouble with all that vocabulary? Want some help understanding proportional representation? Click the link to visit W.W. Norton & Company's website on Essentials of Comparative Politics. This site, by one of our authors, covers the theory, but not the countries!
AP Practice Exams.com
Looking for practice tests, class notes, videos, study guides, FRQs, or other materials? This site has it all! Click here to help with your AP test prep!
Ben's Guide to the United States Government
This guide provides a range of information on the United States' government for a variety of age levels.
OWL Purdue Website
The Online Writing Lab can help you with many of your writing queries and conundrums.
A free online dictionary for all of your spelling needs.


Here's a few links on this year's theme and Core. Also take a look at the foundations that make our school an interdisciplinary paradise!

Red Team Core Syllabus
Freshmen and Sophomores, want to see what Core is all about? Click the link above to visit the Red Team Core syllabus.
Red Team Calendar
Want to know what's up with Red Team? Click the link to the Google Calendar of Red Team dates!
Artist Statement & Audience Paper
Not sure how to write an artist statement or an audience paper? Click this link for a page that describes both of these reflective pieces.
Fundamental Questions
Need a refresher on the FQs? Read through this list of questions to jog your memory on the Framework for Inquiry.
Five Voices
Here's another way to think about the Five Voices and how they are interconnected!
The Creative Process
Artist all experience a cyclical process as they create art. Use this diagram to help you know where you are!
VSAA Mission Statement
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, a focused learning community, believes that students learn best when arts and academics are integrated. Through collaboration and inquiry, individuals are challenged to think critically, creatively, and artistically.