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February 26, 2017


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Mr. Michael Carr

        My Family At The Redwoods...  My Family At The Redwoods...
Mr. Carr's Resume

It is easiest to reach me using E-mail. I check this often:

Phone: 313-4591

Office Hours: M-TH 9:00-9:30 and 4:05 - 4:30 Lunch is an option also with notice.

(During soccer and baseball season the afternoon times are subject to change. Just see me and we will figure out a good time to meet.)

PE  Class - CARR

"All kids are gifted. It's just that some kids open their presents earlier."~  

M. Carr (quoted in Readers Digest)

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Humanities Spoken Here...
Welcome to the web page for Mr. Carr's Humanities classes. My goal is to help students become better readers, writers, and historians while offering a challenging and arts filled environment.