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School Websites  School Websites

All of our schools have a basic informational page. Most have a webmanager who maintains their site. All of our High Schools have active student teams who participate in that management. To visit our school pages use this drop-down list and click [Go]

School Web Site
VPS School Websites
Available Furniture
Cupboard Cupboard
2 4' x 4'  Bulletin Boards 2 4' x 4' Bulletin Boards
Chair Chair
Chair in Assessment Dept.
Available Furniture
2 Small File Cabinets 2 Small File Cabinets
Available Furniture
22 Student Desks 22 Student Desks
Student Desks at Fr Valley
5 Round Lunch Tables 5 Round Lunch Tables
Tables at JPC
Small Table Small Table
Small table at JPC
2 6' Tables 2 6' Tables
Tables at JPC