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Frequently Asked Questions
School Improvement, Step 2-5: Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

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1. What are Supplemental Educational Services?

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) are extra academic tutoring services offered outside of the regular school day to help students improve reading and mathematics skills.

2. Which schools must offer the free tutoring services?

Title I schools must offer free tutoring services after not making Adequate Yearly Progress in the same subject for three or more years on WASL/MSP. For 2014-2015, the schools offering SES services are:
Anderson Elementary
Fruit Valley Elementary
Harney Elementary
Hazel Dell Elementary
King Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Marshall Elementary
McLoughlin Middle
Minnehaha Elementary
Ogden Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Truman Elementary
Washington Elementary

3. Which students in Step 2-5 School Improvement buildings are eligible for free tutoring?

Students in grades K-8 are eligible ONLY if they receive free or reduced-price school lunch and attend a Title I school. Because of the limited number of spaces in the SES program, the Vancouver Public Schools may not be able to enroll every eligible student every year. Participation in the program is based on the number of applicants and the amount of funds available. Priority is given to the eligible students with the greatest academic needs.

4. Who provides the free tutoring services?

SES Providers are companies/organizations that are approved by Washington’s Office of Public Instruction to offer services to the SES qualified schools. Descriptions of each SES Provider who has indicated an interest in serving Vancouver can be obtained at one of the SES qualified school buildings or on the Vancouver Public Schools Homepage under “schools”- “school improvement.”

The OSPI approved providers who have indicated an interest in serving students in the Vancouver Public Schools can be accessed on the OSPI website at:


5. How do parents choose the services and providers their child receives?

Names and descriptions of all approved SES Providers who may offer services in Vancouver Public Schools are listed in a separate SES provider list. Applications for parents are also available at the Title I school's Curriculum Nights, October parent conferences, the school office, and neighborhood community organizations.

6. Who pays for tutoring services?

Vancouver Public Schools must set aside 20% of Title I dollars to pay for Step 1-CHOICE transportation and for the SES tutoring services (Steps 2-5). These dollars pay the providers for their services, based on a pre-approved contract.

7. Is there transportation provided?

Transportation is NOT provided by Vancouver Public Schools. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for transportation to/from tutoring, unless services are an in-home program.

8. When will services begin and for how long will services be provided?

The district must offer two enrollment periods for parents;
1st Enrollment: September 3-October 24, 2014
2nd Enrollment: November 24-December 5, 2014

SES services will begin within a month after the enrollment window has closed. Parents will be notified in writing if their child qualifies. The SES company will make direct arrangements with the family regarding when/how/where services will begin. All services must be completed by the end of the academic school year.


Judy Sjogren, SES Project Specialist, 360-313-1237

Charity Nunnelley, Title I/ELL Specialist, 360-313-1059

Carol Arden, Title I/LAP Program Specialist, 360-313-4854

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