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Student transfers for the 2015-16 school year  Student transfers for the 2015-16 school year

Application forms for in-district student transfers will be available at school offices beginning January 12, 2015.

Out-of-district student transfer procedures for 2015-16
Please note: Application forms for out-of-district student transfers will be available May 1. The process for out-of-district transfers is different than the in-district transfer process. Students who wish to transfer out of the Vancouver School District need to go to the Student Welfare and Attendance Office at the Jim Parsley Center, 2901 Falk Road. Students who live outside the Vancouver School District boundaries and wish to transfer to a school within the district need to begin the process at their resident district. Please call the Student Welfare and Attendance Office at 313-1330 for more information.

In-district student transfer procedures for 2015-16
Students who live in Vancouver School District attend the school that serves their residential area, except for those students who have requested an in-district student transfer and whose transfer has been approved.

Why do families request an in-district student transfer?
• The boundaries change and the student wants to stay at their current resident school as opposed to the new resident school.
• The student wants to start or continue in a program unique to a school.
• The student has a medical or special family-related need, such as child care.
Athletic participation is not a valid reason to request a student transfer.

Parents can submit transfer requests beginning January 12, 2015.
• Request the in-district student transfer from the resident school. Complete the form and return it intact to the resident school.
• The staff will record the date and time on the application form when it is received by the school.
• The resident principal will release the student and forward the form to the principal at the requested school.
• The principal at the requested school will accept the transfer or deny it and mark the reason for denial.
• The requested school will send copies of the form to the appropriate persons or schools.

For 8th-grade students who want to attend a high school other than their resident high school, the process is:
• Request the in-district student transfer form from the current middle school.
• Return the completed form to the current middle school.
• Staff will record the date and time on the application form when it is received by the school.
• The deadline to turn in transfer request forms is March 6, 2015.

Is the transfer guaranteed forever?
No. Requests for student transfers must be approved each school year. A transfer approved one school year does not guarantee approval the following year. The exception is for students in magnet programs. Approval as they enter the magnet program extends for as long as they remain in that program, but they are still required to complete the form every school year.

Who gets priority for in-district student transfers?
Students who live in an attendance area are assured of enrollment at the school. Requests for transfers into a school are considered on a space-available basis within the grade level, class, or program requested. If no space is available, students are placed on a waiting list in the order of the date and time the request was received.

State law requires schools to give priority to children of full-time school personnel (provided they live in Washington) at the school where the employee works or at the school that serves the student’s grade level within that boundary area. The district may reject applications if the staff member’s children would displace children who live in the district.

Who transports students on in-district transfers?
Transportation for transfer students is generally the responsibility of the parents, except for the high school magnet programs.

Boundary Exceptions and Transfers
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