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Vancouver School of Arts and Academics
Location: 3101 Main Street, Vancouver, WA
Grades 6-12

Lewis and Clark High School video
The Vancouver School of Arts and Academics offers a complete and accredited middle school and high school program where the arts are at the core of an interdisciplinary curriculum. All students study science, mathematics, social studies, English, and can pursue artistic studies in dance, music, theatre, literary arts, visual arts, recording arts, and moving image arts. The daily atmosphere of creative work, self-discipline, and dedication prepares students for both college and future careers. Advanced Placement classes are available in English, history, government, math, and visual arts. (All students must attend the school full time.)
Requirements for graduation:
VSAA Credit Requirements
4.0 Credits
3.0 Credits
3.0 Credits
Social Studies
3.0 Credits
*1.5 Credits
.5 Credits
6.0 Credits
Arts, including Interdisciplinary Core
1.0 Credits
Occ. Education
2.5 Credits
24.5 Credits

Career Opportunities/College Connections
• Guidance Counseling center offers College and Career planning assistance
• Focus level arts classes provide career opportunities within curriculum

Application Process involves:
• Completed online application
• Interview
• Participation in workshop
• In-district resident
• At the high school level we may accept boundary exceptions after VSD students have been accepted and space is available

How do you enroll?
To find out more information or to enroll, see your high school Counselor or Career Guidance Specialist. Visit the VSAA website or email Lori Rotherham.

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