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International Baccalaureate
Location: Columbia River High School

IB Magnet Program

IB is a worldwide honors program with an internationally designed curriculum stressing the importance of expertise in all academic areas and helping students develop skills that will facilitate their success both at college and within the larger global society. The Pre-Baccalaureate program in grades 9 & 10 prepares students for the rigorous course of studies at the 11th & 12th grade: IB courses are offered in the areas of: English/Literature, Mathematics, French, Spanish, and German, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Music, and Film/Movie Making. Successful completion of one or more of these courses and exams leads to college credit recognized at universities throughout the world. Completion of the entire IB Diploma Program may result in priority admission to universities, increased college credit, and additional scholarship opportunities. Throughout both stages of the program, students are encouraged to develop their skills in time-management and problem-solving, view multiple perspectives, and reflect on their learning as they apply it to new situations.

A Diploma is issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization to students who meet the following requirements:
• Successful completion of six of the above mentioned courses in a prescribed curriculum, including all required internal and external assessments
• Completion of a Theory of Knowledge course, including all required essays and presentations
• Completion of Creativity, Action and Service program and the required reflection and documentation
• Submission of a 4,000-word independent research Extended Essay.
Certificates are also issued to students who complete the assessment requirements in specific courses.

Career Opportunities, College Connections
The IB Diploma is recognized worldwide and by some of the most competitive schools in the nation. Both the IB Diploma and individual IB Certificates earn students increased rates of admission and college credit at universities in Washington and across the nation.

Application Process
The PB/IB application process is designed to measure student interest and motivation, academic performance, mathematical problem solving ability, grammar understanding and writing skills. It consists of the application, an on-site exam consisting of three sections: grammar test, math/algebra test and a writing sample and a review of the candidate’s middle school transcript and standardized test scores. Completion of Algebra I with a grade of A or B is the only prerequisite.

How do you enroll?
To find out more information or to enroll, see your high school Counselor or Career Guidance Specialist.

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