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Communications Office

Welcome to the Communications Office! As the name implies, our job is to communicate to keep you informed about what’s happening in Vancouver Schools. We do this through print, television/video, and our website. Our audiences are parents, students, staff, community, government, and the media. We recently created a new look for our district, with all design work and writing done by members of the Communications team. This work provides a consistent look and feel for the district. It is reflected in our new logo, redesigned website, and in our video and print materials.

Please communicate with us, too. Let us know what is going on in your school or classroom. We will be happy to share it. Part of our work is to promote Vancouver Public Schools. We do this through marketing materials, news releases, Report to the Community newsletter, In the Know cable program, our website, and recognition of students and staff at school board meetings. Use this link to share news from our schools!

The Communications Office covers the school district board meetings and publishes the Board Recap. We compile and publish state and federal reporting requirements that include the district and school performance reports. We organize events, like the 150th anniversary celebration, that bring the community together. Everything we do is based on our mission statement to support the students of Vancouver Schools.

Communication works both ways. Contact us!
Chief of Staff – Tom Hagley, 360-313-1236
Patron Tours and Volunteer Clearances – Sue Knable, 360-313-4720
Communications Director – Pat Mattison Nuzzo, 360-313-1230
Communications Specialist – Tara Cox, 360-313-1230
Communications Specialist – Amanda Richter, 360-313-1230
Website and Graphics – Sara Neal, 360-313-1130
Television Production Supervisor – Nick Voll, 360-313-1141
Video Specialist – Ian Southworth, 360-313-1142

Communications Office

Print and publications:
Board Recap

Promotional materials available:
Imagine booklet

Television and video:
In the Know schedules and topics

Website and social media:
News from our schools

District identity:
Brand identity
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