March 5, 2007
Volume 1, Issue 1

Help Shape the Future of Vancouver Public Schools

Welcome to the new e-newsletter created for employees and other stakeholders of Vancouver Public Schools to provide information about the district’s strategic planning process. Beginning this month, updates will be provided regularly to:

Help you learn about changes and trends affecting public education;

Keep you apprised of key events and milestones in the strategic planning process; and

Inform you of ways to participate in shaping the future of our schools.

Background on the “First Generation” Strategic Planning Process
An ambitious process for the transformation of Vancouver Public Schools was initiated in 1989 when the superintendent and the board of directors launched a strategic plan aimed at preparing the school system for entry into the new millennium. The long-range plan, developed and implemented with extensive community involvement, centered on four major goals:

1. A revitalized curriculum, instructional delivery, and assessment system;

2. A high-quality staff and a learning organization;

3. Facilities and learning tools for the 21st century; and

4. Partnerships and community support.

In many ways, the Vancouver school system has been transformed over the past 16 years through significant progress in each goal area. The strategic initiatives of the “First Generation” plan have provided better educational opportunities for students; supported educators, families, and community members; and brought national honors and recognition to the district. Our students, staff members, parents, and patrons have celebrated many well-earned accomplishments. However, the educational and workplace landscape has changed dramatically for the current generation of young people.

As a learning organization, our present challenge is to respond to these changes and to envision a hopeful future. Together, we must equip students and graduates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be contributing, responsible, and compassionate citizens of the 21st century.

Overview of the “Second Generation” Strategic Planning Process
The “Second Generation” strategic planning process will engage students, parents, teachers, district staff members, partners, and the greater community through presentations, a symposium, focus groups, listserv communication, and an on-line survey. These outreach activities will begin in March. A web page on the district’s website will provide information about the process and resources for those who want to learn more about the changes and trends affecting public education.

Goal Area Teams will use the data collected through the outreach activities to draft vision statements, goals, target objectives, and metrics (evidence of success). A Futures Team composed of district and community leaders will manage the tasks and timeline. This team also will prepare a final report, which will be presented for public review next fall and delivered to the superintendent and the board of directors by December 2007.

Upcoming Activities

Presentations to District Staff (March)

Strategic Planning Web Page On-line (March 19)

Future Search Symposium (March 15-17)

Strategic Planning Survey (March 19-April 22)

Focus Groups (April-May)

Formation of Goal Area Teams (June)

Contacts for More Information

Questions about the strategic planning process may be directed to the following people:

Dr. Steve Webb, deputy superintendent, 313-1200,

Tom Hagley, director of community and government relations, 313-1236,

Vancouver School District • Strategic Planning • 2901 Falk Road • Vancouver, WA 98661 • 360.313.1236
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