December 18, 2007
Volume 1, Issue 9
Strategic planning teams are near the finish line

After a yearlong effort to set the future direction of Vancouver Public Schools, the Design II strategic planning process is coming to a conclusion. The board of directors is expected to take action on the plan soon after Winter Break.

This fall, more than 100 district employees and community members were convened in four Goal Area Teams to write vision statements, goals, and target objectives for the following strategic priorities:

  1. Knowledge, Creativity and Performance
    • Educating the whole person
    • Learner-focused education
    • Early childhood learning

  2. Culture and Capacity
    • Professional learning communities for all staff
    • Resources and workload–equity and balance
    • Positive, respectful, and safe environment that fosters innovation

  3. Time and Space
    • Expanded community-based learning
    • 21st century learning environments
    • Learner-driven calendar

  4. Relationships and Connections
    • Integrated partnerships
    • Reciprocal and shared responsibility
    • Increased family engagement
In doing their work, the teams referenced best practice research as well as 2,000 sets of input collected last spring through planning symposia, surveys, listserv e-mail groups, focus groups, and other outreach activities. The teams also identified metrics, or measures of success that will be used to measure and monitor the district’s progress over the next five years. A draft plan was made available for public review, and then the Goal Area Teams were reconvened to refine the plan based on feedback received from staff and community members. Finally, the Goal Area Teams and the district’s leadership team, including principals and central office administrators, reduced and prioritized the goals and target objectives according to the anticipated needs and resources of the organization.

At the same time, a team composed of board, staff, and community members examined the stakeholder input and created a new mission statement and core principles for the district.

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Presentations to District Staff (March)

Strategic Planning Web Page On-line (March 19)

Future Search Symposium (March 15-17)

Strategic Planning Survey (March 19-April 22)

Focus Groups (April-May)

Formation of Goal Area Teams (August)

Goal Area Teams Create Draft Documents (Sept. 19-Oct. 10)

Staff and Community Member Review (Oct. 17-25)

Goal Area Teams Revise Draft Documents (Oct. 31-Nov. 8)

Formatting, Sequencing and Resourcing of Strategic Plan (Nov. 9-Dec.21)

Presentation of Plan to Board of Directors and Request for Adoption (Jan. 14)

Contacts for More Information
Questions about the strategic planning process may be directed to the following people:

Dr. Steve Webb, deputy superintendent, 313-1200,

Tom Hagley, director of community and government relations, 313-1236,

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