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June 18, 2018
Mrs. Kay Danielson
Washington Home

Welcome to the Iditarod Reading Program

Welcome to the Iditarod Reading Program web site. 

Wow, it seems that the school year just started.  Now we are nearing the end of October and the sun is no longer warm.   

Here in the Iditarod Reading Program, we  serve children who still need extra help to reach their grade level's reading"Benchmark" scores.  

The reading goals we use at Washington Elementary are determined by both the State of Washington as well as our National Government.  The children are always aware of where they should be reading to be a "Benchmark" reader.

This year we are working on the children not only meeting their Benchmark fluency goals but being accurate in their reading as well.  Even though a child may be able to read fluently we are also asking them this year to read accurately with at least 98% or better on every reading passage they encounter.

Just like the Iditarod Race in Alaska, it is our job to discover what part of the reading "trail" the children are having difficulty with so that we can address them and help the student get back on the trail and reach their "race" goal. 

The student's instruction in Iditarod concentrates on all five of the components of reading; phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.  Extra practice at home every night reading helps your child practice the skills they have been taught, and be ready for more challenging materials.

This year in the Iditarod Reading Program we are using a new intervention called Phonics Boost and Phonics Blitz.  These nationally used programs have show remarkable growth in a child's reading and comprehension skills.  So far the children who are receiving this new program are loving it and I am thrilled at how much more involved the children are in their learning.




October Benchmark Scores 
Kindergarten  13 letter names per minute

1st Grade -   31 letter sounds in one minute 

2nd Grade   54 words read correctly in one minute in a reading passage

3rd Grade -  81 words read correctly in one minute in a reading passage

4th Grade -  96 words read correctly in one minute in a reading passage

5th Grade - 107 words read correctly in one minute in a reading passage

Also remember that we are looking for 98% accuracy or better.


How to Help Your Child Choose Just the Right Book to Read by Themselves

You have heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Here is a way to make sure your child is reading a book at their level.
First, have your child turn to the middle of the book.
Next, have them read the page.  While they are reading have them hold up one finger for each word they do not know.
Now, here comes Goldilocks - if your child holds up only one or two fingers the book is too easy.
If your child holds up 4 or 5 fingers the book is too hard.
However, if your child holds up just 3 fingers, well the book is just right.

Web Sites for

Teachers, Parents, and Children

Small printable books for the early reader.
Vocabulary Games
This site is for K-3rd Grade
Interactive Reading Games
Many diffrerent reading games for children.
Between the Lions
You'll have a great time reading.

Game Aquarium
For beginning readers and beyond
Perfect for Grades K-2
Another fun site to try
Clifford Reading Games
Clifford the Big Red Dog is always fun to play with.
A Site for Kindis
Fun For Young Learners
Learning Planet
Mrs. Alphabet
Games using lots of different sounds
Letter Naming Fluency Power Point
By clicking this link you can practice the letter names out of order. The timing is pretty quick, but this is because your child will need to know 40 letter names in one minute
Letter Naming Fluency #2
Another power point for your child
Letter Naming Fluency #3
Letter Naming Fluency #4
Letter Naming Fluency #5
Kindergarten Letter Name PracticeKindergarten Letter Name Practice
With just 10 minutes a night your child will be ready for knowing their 40 letter names 35 letter sounds needed for our testing in June. 



Phoneme Segmentation Fluency Power Point
Now that you and your child have practiced the words on this page. Let them try doing the slide show. Just click on the "Phoneme Segmentation Fluency" and the power point will start. Read the word to your child and have them "stretch" the word into sounds. The power point starts off with two sound words, moves to three and then four sound words. This is a vital skill your child should be able to do.
Nonsense Word Fluency Power Point
Here are some practice "make-believe" words for your child. Just click on the words "Nonsense Word Fluency" and a "make-believe" word will appear. Your child should be saying the sounds for each letter they see. Have fun!
NWF #2
Power Point Using Short Phrases
This power point is for readers - see how fast you can read the words before the next slide appears
20 Minutes a Night
Just 20 minutes a night can make all the difference in your child's reading ability 


Kay Danielson
Reading Specialist
Washington Elementary


These are the loves of my life! There is nothing to compare to being a Nana.

Grant, is our eldest, doesn't he look awesome in his tie? Grant is now in Second Grade!  Wow, time sure goes by quickly.

Colton is now four years old, and is in his second year at Montessori PreSchool.  He loves soccer and his Auntie Heather a lot! 

Brett and Kara are now 2 years old and something new happens every day.  Brett loves to cuddle and play trucks by himself where Kara is more than content reading a book to her stuffed kitty Mabel.

Both my husband Craig and I plan on spending as much time as possible watching them grow, catch bugs, and read before a fire with hot chocolate.  Life is so good, and we are so blessed.