January 23, 2018
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Mr. Tang
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Click on the links below, to stream some of this year's Greeting Card Podcasts...
Aaron and Cesar's Figgy Puddin' Project
Aaron & Cesar's Figgy Puddin' Project
Aaron & Cesar's Figgy Puddin' Project! (gettin' figgy!!) They recorded Aaron's guitar on two tracks using a clean tone amp simulation and an "Auto-Wah" effect on the other track. The drums were played in, using a MIDI drum patch.
Jaydn, Macsen & Kirk's Dancin' with da STARz
Oh...... Xmas Tree!
Click to stream Jaydn, Macsen and Kirk's mookie Dance-a-thon! The Surf-Punk lead guitar and Bass tracks were made by recording Jaydn's ES 335 Studio Dot guitar and Carvin Bass through software Amp and pedal simulators. Macsen and Kirk were the video meisters!
Cameron & Matt's "Slay(?)" ride
Cameron & Matt's
Click to stream "Slender Ride", if you dare......Cameron's creepy vocal track was created when Matt used Logic Pro software to transpose the vocal melody into parallel harmonies, up a Major 3rd, and, down a Major 3rd simultaneously. The result is Augmented chordal harmony throughout.
Mele Kalikimaka by Maura, Seth, and Stuart
Mele Kalikimaka by Maura, Seth, and Stuart....Aloha!!
Enjoy the soothing sounds of Mele Kalikimaka, as interpreted by Maura, Seth, and Stuart. Maura and Seth singing, Seth on guitar, Stuart on midi percussion and everything no one else understands.......Everyone, sing along!! Aloha!! (BTW Stuart is the one in the Moo-Moo...)
"Chrismyas" by team Michael & Stan

Michael and Stan's Techno-Xmas....a mix/mash of beats, bells and synths!
"Dem Bells" by Quetzel, Austin & Matt
Dem Bells by Quetzel, Austin & Matt
Listen to "Dem Bells" by Quetzel, Austin and Matt. Your ears will be ringing!

"Dem Bells" by Quetzel, Austin & Matt!  Sick!!

Highlights of Recording Arts 2011-2012
Click on this link to see an overview of the highlights from 2011-2012. There are quite a few live links to see streaming videos from last year.
Recording Arts Holiday Greetings Podcasts
-These are some of last year's Holiday Greeting Podcasts, created by last year's Recording Arts students.  Click on the captions below the pictures to watch or hear the student's project.
It's the Holidays! It's the Holidays!
Click here to hear and view team Sam n' Matt's Holiday Greetings
They created this mini project in ProTools and added the visual elements in iMovie

Click on this link to see Helaina's Zombie Xmas movie
It's a real Zombie Xmas Chiller
Click to hear Miles and Sage's Ode to a Dreidel
They made it out of CLAY!
Wonder Mouse! Wonder Mouse!
Click to hear Wonder Mouse's Holiday Mash
Mixed and mashed

Click here to hear Chief Stone's Funky Little Xmas Tune
He recorded these tracks on a Tascam PortaStudio and then imported the files into software for editing

Click to hear/see Glados n' Hal in love....
Matt E recorded the Rosie and David with a vocoder. They sang monotone while he played their pitches for them on the keyboard

Click here to hear Eric's updated version of an old English Carol
Eric created this piece using Mackie's Traction software on his laptop

Click here to listen to Chance's Xmas Song
Collaborating with Aaron for this Holiday treat