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Earth Science Class Page
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Sound Studio
Recording Arts Class
Class Handouts, supplemental materials and links to class resources
Yellow Team Core Class
Click here to see a Google Sketch-up Example
Students created a virtual sound studio design and then recorded a virtual walk-through, telling us about the design considerations that went into their studio. Be sure to turn on your sound to hear the narration!
Click here to see a student Podcast example
Students created a podcast about a musical or audio technology topic. The podcast needed to include visual content and was recorded with the podcasting feature in Apple's Garage Band. The background audio needed to "duck" below the narration, every time that the narrator talked.

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue - Plato

James Hutton-the father of Modern Geology James Hutton-the father of Modern Geology

Mt. St. Helens

Year Of The R.A.T
Year Of The R.A.T

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NASA Science Page
NASA Science Page

Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh

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