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February 24, 2017
Jackie Sacks
VSAA Dance Program Video
VSAA Dance Guest Artists:
NDT2, Joffrey Ballet School, Cal Arts, Cornish College, Point Park, Pacific College, Hubbard Street, Graham Company, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Cedar Lake Contemporary Dance Company, Dayton Contemporary, Pilobolus, Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, Joffrey NYC staff, BodyVox, Nii Ardey Allotey, Laura Haney, Darryl Thomas, James Heeley, Mariecella Devine, Michelle Davis, Eowyn Barrett, Franco Nieto, Spenser Theberge, Mary Hunt, Kumari Suraj, Kota Yamazaki, Prashant Kakad, Tracey Durbin, George Caceres, Sekou Walker, Renee Adams, Felicia Ball-Garcia, Les Watanabe, Marty Ervin, Minh Tran, Steven Goforth, Dar Vejon Jones, Kyle Abraham, Abraham.In.Motion, Jermaine Spivey, Cheryl Willis

Dr. Cheryl Willis Was Our Guest Artist for Tap History! Dr. Cheryl Willis Was Our Guest Artist for Tap History!
Guest Artist Jermaine Spivey at VSAA fall 2016! Guest Artist Jermaine Spivey at VSAA fall 2016!
Joffrey Summer Intensive Audition at VSAA! Joffrey Summer Intensive Audition at VSAA!
It is our pleasure to host The Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive ballet and jazz/contemporary auditions Friday, Feb 3rd. Check out their webpage for more information or email Mrs. Sacks.

Extended Day Dance Ensemble Dancers at Barnes and Noble in December. Extended Day Dance Ensemble Dancers at Barnes and Noble in December.
Dance Field Trip to the University of WA Dance Field Trip to the University of WA
  Me With Abraham.In.Motion!  So Grateful for a Wonderful Experience!  Me With Abraham.In.Motion! So Grateful for a Wonderful Experience!

Written Dance Assignments - Participation Credit #1
Written Dance Assignments for Participation Credit #2
What Dance Clothes Do I Need and Where Do I Buy Them?
There are several ways to obtain dance clothes for class. Visit The Leotard in Portland, Target, or online sites. I have created an easy dress code shopping list at Discount Dance which then kicks back a small amount of money to the VSAA dance program. They offer great prices and quick shipping. Click on the link then pull down Students then Find My Teacher where you will enter either my email (Jackie.Sacks@vansd.org) or TP102816 to pull up the shopping list dress code for VSAA dance classes. Click on the blue title to go directly to their webpage.
Important Dates for VSAA Dancers
Dance Explore Syllabus
Dance Foundations Syllabus
Dance Ensemble Syllabus
Dance Make Up Assignment - Nutrition
Dance Class Written Make Up Assignments (Any Level)
Alignment, Rotation, Dance Terms Information
Dance Make Up Assignment - "Best Stretches"
Tap Make Up Assignment
Guest Artist Reflection Questions and Rubric
Dance Foundations January Research Project
Ensemble Dance Concert Reflection Questions
Tap Composition Rubric
Explore and Foundations Dance Concert Reflection Questions

National Dance Educators Organization - Teaching Dance Standards
The History of Modern Dance in the US
Follow this link to discover a great overview of modern dance history in the USA!
Ebb and Flow Dance Film (featuring former VSAA students)
It is all about rhythm! Check out this fabulous tap performance!
Interview with VSAA dance alum Franco Nieto
Ice vs. Heat (Injury Relief and Healing)
National High School Dance Festival 2016 National High School Dance Festival 2016
We did it! Twenty five VSAA dancers traveled to Pittsburgh for the National High School Dance Festival held at Point Park College! The classes, concerts, museum visit and networking opportunities were wonderful. Thank you for your support!