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August 16, 2017
Ms. Ingraham

  Lynn Ingraham
  VSAA Teacher
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2014-2015 Office Hours

Room 203

Before and after school Tuesdays & Thursdays,

Enrichment B, and by appointment

May 16 Evening Core Presentation Outline


U1L4 La Liste pour le 10 novembre
U1 L2&3 La Liste pour le 27 octobre mardi
5 Oct U1L1 FAMA Devoirs Family Tree Example
5 Oct U1L1 FAMA Devoirs
World Language Syllabus (French 2)
Reflection Directions French Test
J'ai une chanson dans mon coeur (de La Louisiane)
U6 L18C Quel Website with interactive activity
U6L18B Ce, Cet, Cette, Ces Pratiquer
U5L13 La Carte (le 6 mars 2015)
L6 ETRE negative
L5 Presentation Grading List
L5 Presentation Example
L5 Presentation Description
L4 Examen Oral Questions
L3 Examen Parler Rubric le 3 octobre
L3 Dialogue le 29 septembre
L2 Examen de Famille le 26 septembre
L2 Arbre Geneologique le 22 septembre
16 Sept Activite en Classe Reference
L1 Bande dessinee le 10 septembre
French 1 Textbook On-line Resources
Reflection Retake Procedures
French 2 Website (Flashcards & Practice Quizzes)
French Language Resources On-Line

Spanish I

Short Novel sample chapter 1 "Esperanza"
Students can read the first chapter of this short novel, "Esperanza". Warning, the content is about real people and can be upsetting.
Short Novels in Spanish
Spanish II
U2L1 La Lista para el 12 de noviembre
U1L2 La Lista el 27 de octubre
World Language Syllabus (Spanish 2)
ACTFL Can Do Statements
U1L2 p65 jueves el 15 de octubre

Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 Games Plus
Teatro Milagro (Miracle Theatre)
This link goes to the Spanish home page for Portland's award winning bilingual theatre company. Students can request to earn credit for attending a theatrical performance and writing a 1 page response.
Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer
This is one of many verb conjugating sites that students can use for practise.
BBC Interactive Spanish Website
El tren de las moscas
Syllabus for World Languages