January 23, 2018

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1-Step Equations
2-Step Equations
Combining Like Terms
X's on Both Sides
Distributive Property
Double Distributing (FOIL)
Solve By Adding
Solve By Subtracting
Solve by 1-Step Multiplication
Rate - Burning Kilocalories
Slope (y = mx)
Slope Intercept Equation
Intersecting Lines
Point of Intersection: Slope Intercept, x-Intercept, Graph, #1
Point of Intersection: Slope Intercept, x-Intercept, and Graph #2
Conversions: Dimentional Analysis
Equation of a Line (y = mx + b)
Linear Regression
Area & Volume with Conversions #1
Area & Volume with Conversions #2 Oil in Gulf
Direct Proportion
Inverse Proportion
Apothem and Area of a Regular Polygon
Bar Graphs
Frequency Table
Pie Chart
Stem and Leaf Plot
Box and Whiskers Plot
Standard Deviation
Proportion, Similar, Scale Factor
Ratio of Area
W6 Ratio of Volumes 9.30
W6 Power Equation 9.40
Newtons & Pressure
Quads 1-Page Problem
Write the Vertex Form - Given the Vertex and a Point 10.32
Quadratic Expressions
The Quadratic Equation - Finding the x-Coordinates 10.34
Moving the Vertex - Vertex Form
TAN Leg X 7.10
Write the Ratio for Angle A
Solve for the Measure of Angle A
Arithmetic Recursion
Geometric Recursion
Interval Notation
Graphing Inequalities on the Calculator