Margaret Green

Vocal Music Director

National Board Certified Teacher


(360) 313-4600


Margaret Green has been the vocal music director at VSAA for 20 years and was part of the planning team for the school.  This year she will also be directing the Concert Choir at Columbia River High School.  Green has a BA from Ball State University and MAT from Portland State University.  In 2011 she earned National Board Teacher Certification.


Mrs. Green was the founder/artistic director of Belle Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble for 12 years, directed the women’s choir at Lewis and Clark

College for four years, and is an active clinician and adjudicator in the Northwest.


For the past three years she has been a member of the Gospel Christmas Choir with the Oregon Symphony and a Faculty Member at MidSummer Musical Retreat on the campus of Whitman College.


Vocal Music Related Sites



Winter Choir Concert

December 8th, 2015

7:00pm in the Royal Durst Theatre

Ticketed Event

Call time for students is 6:15pm



Tis the Season

(Acappella Women and Men’s Ensemble only)

December 15th, 2015 at 7:00pm

Location TBA

This is a fund-raiser – tickets are $5


Bonus Tracks and Clips from Class



Phantom of the Opera by Nightwish
This is a version of the song "Phantom of the Opera" performed by the Finnish heavy metal group Nightwish
Notes and Neurons: In search of the common chorus
Amazing discussion featuring Bobby McFerrin and Daniel Levitan
Super Bass: can you hit this note?
An NPR story featuring the man listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for singing the lowest note.
Vitas: Opera #2 w/English Subtitles
This is an Russian singer with an incredible high range!

Vocal Level One

Concert Choir   (vocal level 2/3)

Sight Singing Practice Examples November 2015
Attached are examples of sight singing exercises that students can use to practice for our sight singing assessment in November

Acappella (Select Women)

Choir Retreat Paperwork

Men's Ensemble

Katy's Voice Presentation
Katy M. presented to the class about her journey with finding a vocal cist on her vocal folds, surgery, and rehabilitation.

Vocal Related Links

Vancouver Area Piano Teachers
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Vancouver Area Voice Teachers
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Helpful Theory Drills
emusictheory is a website with many FREE theory drills for things like note names, note values, key signatures, etc.

Vocal Music Happenings 2014-2015

Willamette University Choral Leadership Workshop

Congratulations to those students who attended the 26th Annual Choral Leadership Workshop at Willamette University.   They represented VSAA well!    Cullin B, Cameron G, Tyler K, Matthew T, Rockwell W, Lilli C, Katie K, Tara U

Practice Links

Music Note Flashcards
Practice Identifying the names of the notes on the musical staff
Online Staff Paper for Free!
Customize your own staff paper for composing, arranging, or just practicing your music notational skills!
This is the podcast and link to your second listening example "Howlin' Wolf"
This is the link to the podcast about singer Sezen Aksu from Istanbul. This is part of your listening assignment
This is the link to the podcast about recording artist Freddie Mercury of the band Queen