June 15, 2018
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Environmental Science

Due Dates:

Dimensional Analysis on Canvas

Dimensional Analysis Problems

Reference Information
2016-17 Environental Science Syllabus
Environmental Science Calendar
A link to my google calendar for this class.
Designing a Controlled Experiment
An overview of the parts of the scientific method and the elements of an investigation.
Designing a Lab Investigation
Slides describing how to write questions, hypotheses, and procedures for Investigations.
Blank Investigaton Planning Sheet
Use this as a guide to planning a lab. Filling this out is the first step to doing an experiment.


Article: The Really Big One
Reading for Wednesday, Nov. 9th about potential earthquake hitting the Pacific Northwest.
Rules for Significant Figures
Review if you still need to meet the Standard (and retake COL).
Unit Conversion Tables
A variety of conversion factors for use in dimensional analysis throughout the year.