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My office hours are Wed./Thurs (in room 216) 8:30 am - 9 am and Thursdays 4:15- 4:45 pm.  I will be glad to arrange other meeting times, if needed.

Welcome to the webpage for Mr. Busch's science classes. I hope to provide a learning environment that challenges students and taps into their own natural curiosity as they travel down the path to becoming life-long learners. We will cover science concepts through a variety of ways - including hands-on inquiry, research, and the integration of arts. At any time, if you have questions about science class, feel free to contact me.



Reference Resources


4 Point Rubric
Excel template for graphing linear data
Reflecting Format
Lab write- up template
Lab Template in PDF form.
Here is a non-Word version for reference - but it is not editable.
Rubric for labs in general

2017-18    Catalysts: Where Art and Science Connect, Converge, and Create

Red Team Core
Red Team Calendar

Biology Class

Biology Text Online Access

Environmental Science

ConnectED - McGraw-Hill
Link to login for online Physical Science Text.

Quotes to Think About

Let me know if you have any good thoughts to add to this section.

 Do not become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.                     

-Ivan Pavlov

 The history of science as a whole is the record of a select group of men and women who have dared to be wrong.

- Lloyd A. Brown

Student Led Conference Material
Future Planning (middle school)
excel document for student led conferences.
Planning worksheet - high school classes
Best Works Form
Preparing for Best Works
This is intended to help think about what Best Work examples students will be sharing at Student Led Conferences.