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January 16, 2019


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Ms. Melissa Buchanan
Melissa Buchanan
MS physical science syllabus


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koi fish and water lillies

What's the buzz?

Welcome, students!  My name is Melissa Buchanan, but kids often call me Ms. Bee.  I love science, but it was the arts that helped me to develop that love. For instance, I learned to really see and appreciate nature through photography, mixed media arts and drawing classes, and was amazed at the chemistry of glazes in ceramics. Naturally inquisitive, I decided to take more science classes and eventually was hired in the fisheries and aquatic ecology labs at Eastern Washington University. This lead to a continuation of graduate level work in biology to enhance my understanding of the natural world.

I hope to share my enthusiasm and it would be my honor to help you find love for science and appreciation for its everyday connections.





Booklet of the elements- safari montage
Theodore Gray's periodic table website is AWESOME!!!
periodic table with detailed element information
element game
element flash cards
element game quick six
water video -why we care (national geographic)

class project (Bay) -rain barrel that was eventually displayed at the Hilton. class project (Bay) -rain barrel that was eventually displayed at the Hilton.

FOOD ALLERGY CARD- make a pre-printed card to show the server when you go out to eat, or have this on hand when you eat away from home (friends, family, etc). 

calculate your GPA
Metric prefixes, scientific notation
introduction on how to write scientific notation.
scientific notation help
Here is a great website to help you with units.
here is a great link to conversions.
This website will help you with variables.

physics of motion units and formulae
Physics through concept mapping.
This website shows through concept mapping how physics is connected to all sciences. It helps to add "AHA!" moments and enrich our understanding of how the world works. The index to the right of the page is a list of possible terms of interest. When you click on one, other related concepts are included. The bubbles are links, so click away!
great physics facts page
Energy of a photon (particle of light)
calculate wavelength and frequency here!
Basic Electromagnetic Wave Properties
great interactive visual aid showing the relationship between frequency and wavelength and visible light.
EM spectrum
plastics in the sea
There are several links to articles that focus on how plastic is wreaking havoc on our oceans.
calculating mechanical advantage of simple machines
physics of motion units and formulae