June 18, 2018
Pre-AP Composition
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Unit 1: Reading

In first semester, we will define and explore rhetoric in advertisement, documentary, journalism, and the political sphere.

Unit 1: Writing

How can I make a difference?

Students will research a local issue and write an essay which poses a solution. Based on this work, students will create a grant proposal for a new non-profit. They will present this proposal for a grant committee, which will be composed of community members.

Unit 2: Reading

Why do people do evil (and what can we do about it)?

We will read and analyze Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, and many shorter written and visual texts (see Plan on a Page). Students will create response portfolios to track their learning.

Unit 2: Writing

Why do people do evil (and what can we do about it)?

Students will write several in-class essays.

Big Questions Project