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Please check your email for current Lit Mag and Vita Brevis submission links.

How to Contact Me
Email: jody.adams@vansd.org
Phone: (360)313-4600

Office Hours: 4:05-4:30 T-Th in Rm 320 (please make appt)
Enrichment: Open support Tues, Wed, & Thurs in Rm 320 during A.
LIT MAG ONLY Enrichment B on Wednesdays. VITA BREVIS ONLY Enrichment B on Thursdays.

Welcome to my webpage! This year, I'm teaching Pre-AP Communications, Literary Arts Workshop, Literary Arts Style & Technique, and Red Team Core. I'm also the advisor for Wordsworth (VSAA's literary magazine) and for Vita Brevis (VSAA's school newspaper). Please see your email for all submission links. All specific information about courses is posted on Canvas.


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