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E-mail: (best way to reach me is email.) If you are planning on leaving me a voicemail, please call through the office (360-313-4600) and they will leave a note that I have a voicemail message.

I am available Tuesday and Thursday before school at 8:15 and after school, Tuesdays, until 4:35. If a student wants to come in before the school doors unlock on T/Th @ 8:45, they need to sign in at the office (office door is unlocked), then they may come up to the MIA Edit Room. I have building meetings Monday and Wednesday mornings. If a student needs to meet with me please contact me in advance so I can make sure I have no other meeting scheduled.

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BE GREEN! To email an assignment or paper to me, use the above email address. Send as a pdf or use a program that's compatable with MS Word and attach the document to the email. If you're not sure if it's compatable, highlight and copy your text into the email window and send both the email and the attached document. That way I'll be sure to have your content.

Please save your document with a title that is formatted:    Block#_LastName_FirstName_Title (or as much of that as will fit in a 32 character title.) - example: (3_Smith_John_BlackStallion) YOUR BLOCK # & LAST NAME MUST BE IN THE TITLE.

Moving Image Arts

Self Assessment
Self assessment for your video projects
"The Artist" Permission Form
Permission form to allow students to watch the film "The Artist" The week of December 7-11
Premiere Tools
Understanding the tools in Premiere and their shortcuts will help you be a more efficient editor
Fill out this short form every time you have an issue with one of the MIA computers.
VSAA MIA Creative Process


Yellow Team Core
Information and assignments for juniors and seniors (YELLOW TEAM).
CORE weekly check in form


Critiquing a Movie
Use this as a guide for how to critique a movie for your menu items.

Dance For Camera

Nine Variations on a Dance (1966/67)
A Study in Choreography for Camera (1945)
Making Video Dance (McPherson Chap 2)
Evisioning Dance on Film and Video

Film Sites & Ideas

The Math In Movies Page
Learning History Through Film (& the history of film)
Short Film of the Week website
Upworthy: Things That Matter


How To View A Movie
Use this document as a guide to watching Moving Images. Whether it's a feature length film, or a 30 second commercial, think with "filmmaker intent."


VSAA Moving Image Arts

Creative Process


Moving Image Arts Extended Lab

Tues/Thurs before school - 8:15-9:30

Wednesday after school - 4:15-5:30

Check This Out!

The Future of Documentary Filmmaking?
TED Talk by Chris Milk on "How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine."
Top 10 2015 Superbowl Commercials
"OK Go" Youtube Channel of Music Videos
Amazing AMAZING music videos that demonstrate collaboration across the art forms!
Honda "dual commercial" "Type R"
Honda ad. YouTube. When watching the commercial, press the R key to see "the other side."
10 Seconds
Short doc on Portland artist
Northwest Passage
Senior Cole Hansell's senior project time-lapse. Cole shot this using a Canon T3i camera and time-lapse dolly that he built for his junior project.
CNN compares Pro Kit and iPhone 6 camera abilitities
34 Questions with NW Dance Project's Franco Nieto
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?
Rapper Prince Ea questions....
The Intstagram Generation
youtube 2:31
Cinema is Cartography For the Mind
youtube 2:03
AMAZING Satellite Timelapse of the World
Success in the New Economy
Presentation about the labor force and college. (Vimeo 9:45)
"The Muffin Man" youtube link
Composers Find New Playgrounds In Video Games
Link to NPR, All Things Considered audio podcast on composing for video games. The object of Pac-Man was simple: have Pac-Man eat the dots and avoid getting eaten himself. The music of the game wasn't exactly complex either. But today, the video game's musical score is as essential to its success as the story and the graphics.
NPR Story on Cinema Sound Design
Description of sound design for "Master and Commander" (2003)
Uncage The Soul
Interview with John Waller, Uncage The Soul
ProPhoto Supply in Portland interviews John Waller of Uncage the Soul Productions about his journey as a filmmaker. (Vimeo - 27 mins)
The Creators Project
Amazing super high resolution action and sports footage equipment.
PBS "On Story"
PBS series with filmmakers. Thirty minutes per episode.
"What if money was no object?"
Youtube video that will make you think...
Wolves Introduced To Park To Revitalize Ecosystem
Camerasim (DSLR Demystified)
A great site to interactively learn about DSLR cameras. (thanks Andy Berhow!)
CyberCollege Video Production online learning
Great place to learn about film/video production. (thanks Andy Berhow!)
Film Art & Filmmaking reading
A Brief History of Film
The History of Film in 222 Heartbeats
History of Film & Learning History Through Film
Short of the Week Website
Many examples of short films submitted to film fests. Website not available at school.
Pale Blue Dot
narrated by Carl Sagan.
Side By Side streaming
Shortened version of Side By Side. (PBS) 54 minutes
The Perfect 18
Short documentary (Youtube) (thanks Joe Beuselinck)
Smart History video example
Collaboration with Ms. Zellers visual art students example.

Film Festivals!

Young ARTS: Cinematic Arts
Free Filmschool classes

Learning Links!

Cyber College
Great interactive site for building your television production knowledge
Test yourself on television production terms - search "aberhow"
!!FREE Screenwriting Software FREE!!
This site provides a free download for the Celtx professional screenwriting program used at VSAA. This download can be installed on Windows or Macintosh computers (follow instructions)
!!FREE - Audacity Audio Editing Software - FREE!!
This site provides a free download for the Audacity Audio Editing program used at VSAA. This download can be installed on Windows or Macintosh computers (follow instructions)
Basics of using Audacity at VSAA
Video podcast (9 mins)of the basics of using Audacity.
Bringing audio directly into Audacity on a Mac
How to bring in audio from your own device (phone, mp3 player, etc) and record it directly into Audacity.
Internet Movie Database
A good site to find information on thousands of movies.
AFI's 10 Top 10
American Film Institute's top ten films in ten different genres.
AFI's Top 100 Films
American Film Institute's Top 100 films over the past 100 years. (2007)
BBC Filmmaking Guide
Excellent website on the Filmmaking Process
"Conversation With Filmmaker Series" website
Each book is an interview with an important filmmaker. Many are autobiographical. The books are available at multiple locations (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc)
Soundworks Collection
Interested in how they create the sounds in films? This is a great place to browse!
Movie & Film Terms
Portland Art Museum Object Stories
A website with lots of free music clips in many genres. (thanks Aaron Henry!)
Bringing audio directly into Audacity on a Mac
How to bring in audio from your own device (phone, mp3 player, etc) and record it directly into Audacity.
Rode Mic video
Youtube clip on proper audio for video
Video Survey
Film Riot youtube channel
Creative filmmaking techniques (not available at school)(thanks to Emma Josephson)
Capturing Quality Audio - Filmmaking 101
Using Zoom H4n and shotgun mics (youtube)
History of Animation Timeline
Imagine -From Pencils to Pixels (2003)
BBC Doc on the history of animation. 49 minutes. youtube
Dear John Grierson
Mark Cousins 29 minute doc on "under-appreciated" documentaries.
Sight & Sound Magazine "50 Greatest Documentaries"
Top Documentary Films
Link to be able to watch many documentaries online.
13 Rules For Making Documentary Films
Text of speech by Michael Moore at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival
Free - Uncopyrighted Music by Moby
Shure Audio Systems Guide - Video & Film Production

The VSAA Graduation 2015 Countdown!!