AP Computer Science A
SMT Algebra
Video Game Programming

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My 2016-17 Schedule

1     AP Computer Science A
2     AP CS TEALS Coordination
3     SMT Algebra 1
4     Video Game Programming
5     Video Game Programming
6     Prep


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AP Computer Science A

SMT Algebra

Video Game Programming

Email me if you have questions: khansen@vansd.org

Save the Zogs
Algebra vs the Cockroaches

Lots of Videos and practice questions.
Khan Academy Video - Multiplying Binomials
Use the box method or the method shown in the video to multiply binomials.
Khan Academy Practice - Multiplying Expressions
Khan Academy Practice - Evaluating Expressions
Khan Academy Practice - Order of Operations
Khan Academy Video - Multiplying Monomials by Polynomials
Shows the distributive property.

quadratic formula (mv4)
Check out my tutorial on the quadratic formula. You'll need a video player like Quicktime in order to view it.

Some Links for you . . .

Texas Instruments website

TI-84 Site. You can get cool faceplates to give your TI some color.

Math games.

Great source of tutorials