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August 1, 2020
Mrs. Yoshida
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Hello, Lake Shore community.  This website is dedicated to the Lake Shore counseling program.  Lake Shore has two counselors, Christine Yoshida and Lyssa Verbout.  Mrs. Yoshida has been an elementary counselor in Washington State since 2007, and joined the Lake Shore team in 2013.  Mrs. Verbout has been an elementary counselor in Washington State since 2015, and joined the Lake Shore team in 2015.  As your counselors, Mrs. Yoshida and Mrs. Verbout work as part of a team, along with the principal, teachers, and staff, to ensure that all students feel safe, confident, and happy.  We strive to create a positive environment where all students are put in the best position to grow and succeed academically, socially, and personally.

We hope that you find this website helpful.  We have included an overview of the counseling program as well as updates and helpful resources for families and students. Please feel free to call, email, or schedule a meeting with either of us if you have any questions.


Mrs.Yoshida: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (pm)

Mrs. Verbout: Wednesday (am), Thursday, Friday

Contact Information:



(360) 313-2270


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Classroom guidance lessons are offered throughout the year to help students develop social/emotional skills. Below is a summary of this year’s curriculum:

o Kindergarten and 1st grade: Students will start the year learning  Kelso's Choices, which teaches your child about nine different problem solving skills. During the latter part of the academic year, we will introduce a curriculum called Zones Of Regulation.  These lessons help students identify feelings, understand different perspectives, and learn and develop tools for regulating emotion. Together, we’ll develop the skills to help students find the “green zone” (a calm state where they are ready to learn).

o 2nd-5th grade: Students will start the year by reviewing Kelso's Choices and learning Zones of Regulation. As described above, the Zones Of Regulation include lessons to help students identify feelings and develop tools to regulate emotions. Following winter break, the counselors will start teaching mindfulness from the Mind Up Curriculum. During these lessons, we learn about different parts of the brain and how to activate them to find calm, overcome fear/anxiety, and put our brains in learning mode. 

Hello Parents/Guardians!

Please keep a look out for monthly newsletters from your counselors. We will be updating you with the social and emotional tools we are teaching your children in school! In addition, we are planning to send out additional resources such as books and websites that can help supplement all of the things you are doing at home.  

If there is any information you are wanting more of, please do not hesitate to email or call us at Lake Shore. Thanks again for all that you do!