All of us have friends, some of whom we’re closer to than others. These people give our lives meaning and joy. I have many friends, but most of these might be more accurately described as acquaintances. A small number of them are my good friends, and a few of them are very close to me. Of these, three in particular share most of the thoughts and feelings that are truly central to my life. In fact, in many way, Mary, Emily, and Ashley, my three best friends, really make my life worth living.





                Most young teenagers are convinced that driving is little more than sitting in the driver’s seat, turning the ignition, and going easily and simply wherever one chooses. After all, they think, if Mom and Dad can do it, it can’t be that complicated. However, most teenagers are surprised and overwhelmed by the complexity of guiding a big box at fast speeds along narrow strips cluttered by other big boxes moving unpredictably at fast speeds along the same narrow strips. Most teenagers, in fact, find that driving is a rather complex, tiring, and anxiety-producing activity that requires training and skill in order to do it smoothly and safely.




                Joe looked down the aisle at the nearly empty cosmetics shelves. His heart sank as he realized that the Windsong cologne that he had planned to buy Jenny for Christmas was and longer there. He had passed by the aisle just last Monday, but he didn’t want to take the time to stop and buy it then. Now it’s Christmas Eve, the store has sold out of Windsong, and Jenny won’t have the gift of his choice for her. As many of us do, Joe had simply put off doing his Christmas shopping until the last minute. As he walked out of the store wit a bottle of bubble bath, he promised himself that he would do better next year. This predicament, of course, is avoidable. In face, anyone can take much of the tension out of Christmas shopping by simply planning ahead, making a fit list, and shopping early.



·         Most frequently used for literary (expository) essay

·         Uses a “power opener” technique to grab the reader’s attention

·         Begins introductory information about the topic

·         Follows with narrower, more specific statements, about the topic

·         Ends with Thesis



Bravery…Intuitiveness…Loyalty.  These qualities help create heroes.  Heroes conquer obstacles.  They use intelligence to outwit their nemeses.  Further, they stay true to their men, their families, and their life-mate.  Although he experienced many difficult challenges, Odysseus, from Homer’s The Odyssey, is the epitome of an epic hero.