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Gaiser Students Represent at Film Festival!

1st place 2015 WA State Green Schools Video link here:

3rd Place 2015 WA State Green Schools Video link here:

Middle School Media Festival Videos 2016 here:

See our class on the District New Program:

Director of KGW in our classroom (story around 9:00):

Field trip to KGW (final story around 10:45)

Congrats to our Winning Logo Design students for getting their designs transformed into graphic logos by a Graphic Design student at CWU!

Video Technology will teach what it takes to be successful in the production of a video, from pre-production to post-production. They will be able to demonstrate the effective use of oral, written, and visual communication. All will learn professionalism and how to work as a group, as well as gain trouble-shooting skills that often accompany the making of a video. Finally, students will learn the last phase in the creation of a video, post-production. In this step students learn how to use computers to edit video footage in such a way as to achieve the overarching goal of the project.

A textbook is not used, but they do need a composition notebook.  Students in our school are all issued iPads and those will be used frequently.  Also - Please purchase:  A package of Windex Electronic wipes and a box of Kleenex. Because 100’s of students touch these computers, disease is easy to spread.  Let’s stop it ahead of time!

Music Video of Mrs. Tobin's Daughter 2017

Tech infractions.pdf
Video Tech Year at a Glance
Extra Credit!!!
Extra Credit 1: Movie Critiques
Extra Credit 2: Create a "How To" Video
Extra credit three: E-mail me the URL (and concept) of a youtube video that exemplifies a concept we have discussed this year. I will try to show it in class.

1st 6th grade tech activity
How to share your Choose Your Own Adventure
Choose your own adventure Tobin
Choose your Own Adventure Example Outline
Student Choose your Own Adventure Outline
Excel Spreadsheet 1
Excel Spreadsheet 2
Photos from our Field Trip to KGW