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November 28, 2022
Mrs. Hardy
Gaiser Home
December 2, 2022

Kathy Hardy

Math teacher/CICO supervisor

Room 501

Class Expectations - Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Positive Attitude

Block 1/2 - Math II

Block 3/4 - Math II

Block 5/6 - Math II



E-mail is the best way to contact me during the day.

Follow me on Twitter for updates on assignments and assessments @Mrs. Hardy 501

Follow me on Twitter

Progress reports recently went home with students.  Students have the opportunity to redo any homework assignments or assessments that they would like to improve.  All redo work must be completed by December 4th.

4 point grading scale
A table to show how a 1,2,3,4 score on an assignment or assessment converts to a letter grade.

Visit these cool websites for help with your homework, of just for fun!

Online Textbook
Use this link to access your child's textbook on line. Technical Support Information for the student textbook: (800) 323-9239 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Mon-Fri CST

Your child has received their user name and password for the online textbook in class.  The user name and password will both be your students school ID number followed by the letters vps.  (For example 123456vps.) 

Standards based math practice! Student's have a log-on or they can log on with my username:hmrs@vansd password:way35
balance equations scale
Use this scale to practice balancing equations.
A great site for building problems solving skills.
Ask Dr. Math
A website to ask those tricky math questions if you can't get ahold of Mrs. Hardy.
Math in the work force
A fun data base that shows what math skills are needed for different jobs.
Math Dictionary
Find the meaning of math terms.
Math vocabulary and help.
Lots of fun games and activities.
Challenging math/science based activities.

Why do we have to have homework every night?

This is a question I commonly hear from students, and I understand, it's hard to do more work after being in school for six hours.  However, homework is a vital part of a math class for a variety of reasons:

First - homework is practice, when we learn a new skill we need to practice it.  Math skills require practice just like learning to play an instrument or a sport.

Second - homework applies our learning, application is a higher level of learning than just memorization.  Sometimes a skill or idea makes sense when we hear it in class, but then when we try it later we can't make it work out.  This means we may understand but can't apply, so we need to keep building that skill.  

Third - homework prepares us for higher learning.  Through highschool and college, students will have homework in math (and other classes).  Developing a habit of completing homework will benefit students in their future.

Our homework should only take about 30 minutes, if students are taking longer they may need some additional help.  Have them stop where they are and come up with some questions to ask in class.  This will help the student learn and will benefit others who likely had the same question.  Homework can be turned in late for full credit, or redone to improve credit.  Please know, homework turned in late or redone is entered into the grade book at the teacher's convenience.

I don't give homework on weekends or holidays - I want students to take this time to rest.  However, weekends are a great time to catch up on absent, make up, or redo work.  Current homework should always be completed before trying to make up work, otherwise students may get (further) behind.


Integrated Math III

Integrated Math III - Periods 1 and 2

Math Labs

Math III labs - period 3/4 and 6/7