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June 18, 2018
Mrs. Berry
June 18, 2018

Essential Information

Hello! My name is Lorraine Berry and I have been teaching at Fort Vancouver High School since the Fall of 1998.  I started with the district in the Fall of 1997 at Skyview High School, its opening year.

I won't be available before school in my classroom.  Students may chat with me in the hall while we wait for my son's bus.  I have 1st period prep this school year.  I will be staying after school until 3:00 each day. If your student would like to obtain additional assistance, he or she need merely to ask if I am available on a particular  afternoon.  Wednesdays are reserved for staff meetings after school. Remember they can also come in for help during PRTI (formerly known as Tutorial!  There is also Homework Help after school in either the library or one of the 240s classrooms if there is a meeting.

Our phone number here at Fort Vancouver High School is:

The school closure information (snow days, etc) phone number is 313-1401.

My e-mail address is Lorraine.Berry@vansd.org. You will get a better response from me by email than by phone.

Thank you for being involved in your student's education!

Scientific Calculator
This is a free scientific calculator students can access to do their homework if needed.
Scientific Calculator #2
Another free online scientific calculator for students to access for help with homework.
Scientific Calculator #3
This scientific calculatir makes it very easy to see how to change it from degrees to radians.

Online Textbook Link
This is the login page for the online textbook. Students use their student ID number and password to access the online textbook. The videos, homework help and interactive quizzes are amazing!
Mrs. Berry's "MrsBinomial" YouTube Videos
This is an excel spreadsheet containing links to the YouTube videos I have made to help my students. When you first open it, you need to choose the correct tab - Algebra, Geometry, or Advanced Algebra. Then you can scroll through the list to find the chapter and section you need extra help on. The links are active and should take you right to the video. Remember, you can not access YouTube from school computers. You can, however, access the online textbook and its videos from school.
Note Taking Each Chapter

Note taking is one of the most important things students do.  As a school we are expecting our students to utilize C-notes (Cornell notes).  I will be modeling this in all of my classes.

When students have practice problems to do, they should copy the problem, any diagrams, tables or associated pictures, and show all of their work.  Answers only do not help a student to find similarly worded problems.  We will be developing interactive notebooks.  Composition books are sturdier than spiral notebooks.

Remember, all of our new curriculum is available online :) You and your student can watch videos made by the textbook publisher and/or myself to help with studying.

Being absent is no reason to fall behind!  I will make our notes, practice problems, etc available on this website so you can stay caught  up.  You can also email me and I will send you the relevant information :)  I will give a tentative plan at the beginning of each unit.  You can use that as a reference as well.  Study your notes if nothing else!

I am using Performance Based Grading.  What does this mean?  It means your student will be graded primarily on his/her ability to show proficiency on each of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) on exams.  Students will be allowed to come in during PRTI or after school to retake exams on specific CCSSs they need to show proficiency on.  Students will not have to retake the entire exam!  Students may also re-do any assignments that they would like to show proficiency on.  They have until the end of the subsequent unit to do these tasks or 5 days before the end of the semester, whichever comes first.

Please refer to your student's syllabus for specific details.

PreAP and Regular Geometry Periods 2 and 5
This is where students and parents/guardians will be able to find information and materials specific to my Pre-AP and Regular Geometry classes.
Algebra 2 and Pre AP Algebra 2 periods 3 & 6
Several of the links on this page come from when I taught the class on 2010. If a link is broken please let me know!
Math with Apps Period 4
This is where my students and families can find info re: Period 4 Math with Apps. I am using an older template to overwrite - please be patient as I slowly delete tings we do not need.
Announcement to All of Mrs. Berry's Students

I have a subscription on YouTube under the name MrsBinomial.  I have posted several videos on the math skills we are doing in the Geometry and Algebra books.  I hope you find them helpful.  There are also videos for Advanced Algebra if you have friends looking for resources.


All of Fort Vancouver High School will model C-Notes in the classroom as often as possible to align with our AVID and Tutorial programs.  Students should include all key vocabulary terms in their notes along with definitions and pictorial representations when appropriate. All rules, properties, theorems, etc. also need to be included in the student's notes with pictorial representations when appropriate. 

Students will be allowed to use the Washington State Formula Sheet prepared for the End of Course Exam (EOC) for all scheduled assessments in Geometry and Pre-AP Geometry. I will provide copies of this formula sheet to all of my students so they can practice using it before the EOC in June.

Students will be given an agenda or access to the agenda online for each Module as soon as I get them prepared.


Trig Star
This is where students and parents/guardians will be able to find information and materials specific to the Trig Star contest.
End of Course Exam information

The End of Course Exam will take place during the last 3weeks of the school year.  Please check each of my class pages for more information regarding the EOC exam specific to your student.

It is imperative that your student take the EOC and do his or her very best. It is now a graduation requirement.  As more information becomes available I will share about the SBAC based on the Common Core.

Vancouver School District Home Page
This link will take you to the VSD Home Page.
Fort Vancouver High School Home Page
Visit the Fort Vancouver Web Site for up-to-date information about what's going on at our school.
Custom Graph Paper to Print at Home
This is a web site which has graph paper available for printing at home.
Mrs. Berry