December 13, 2018



Below you'll find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and information for new students.

•Q - What classes do students typically take?  A - Click here for documents that will show you what most freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and/or seniors take. 

•Q - How can I learn more about all the classes and programs available at CR? A- Click here to view our full course guide.

•Q - How do I find my classes?  Here is a map of our campus.  We also have student mentors that might be able to show you around.

•Q - How do I get involved at school? A - Click here for list of our clubs and their advisers.

•Q - How to I register to play sports at Columbia River? A - Click here for information about registering to play sports.

•Q - How can I check my grades and attendance?  A - Students can check their grades and attendance through Skyward Family Access.

•Q - Is there are bus route near my home?  A - You can find bus routes on the VPS web site here.