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May 18, 2022
Mr. Jason Phelps

      V i s u a l  A r t      A r t  S t u d i o      I B  A r t      

 IB Testing Documents
Rubric for Artwork & Process Portfolio
Includes Strategies
IB Art & Journal Rubric
use for each project
Art Journal Guidance and Connection to PP
Process Portfolio Due Dates and Rubric
Process Portfolio Student Companion
Process Portfolio Great Examples!
IB Art Subject Report 2017 Highlights
Exhibition Student Companion
Exhibition Preparation
due dates, file sizes, instructions on writing
Comparative Study Student Companion
Plz read and share annotations
Rubric for Comparative Study with Strategies
IB Art Exam Examples and Support
a great resource for testing students
Interview,Visuals, & Advise of a '7' score on the IB Exam
3 IB Art Exams showing 7's and 6's!
Exhibitions, PP's, CS's!
Gallery Visit Guide
 Visual Art 1 Documents&Presentations
Visual Art 1 Link
 Art Studio Documents
Link to Art Studio Page
 IB1 Documents
Syllabus for IB1
Link To IB Art
Critique Form with Principles through PMod
Postmodern Principles
a description of contemporary tools that artists use
Expressionism Assignment
Instructions and Schedule
Old Master Painting Unit
Follow along step by step. Many YouTube links - may need to be accessed from home.
Renaissance Power Point
Intro to Painting Materials and Techniques
Object Study 2017-18
Instructions and description for each of our media
Clay Cup Instructions
Stencil Instructions for set of 6
watch the extra videos as homework
Advanced Level Artwork Critique Form
 IB 2nd Year Lessons
IB 2nd Year Syllabus
IB2 Post Exam Projects
Rules for Keeping a Process Portfolio
Advanced Level Artwork Critique Form
Indigenous Knowledge Systems
IB2 Junior Emphasizing Process Portfolio
Compare 2 Works
IB Art Summer Homework
Due on first day back - critique will be in the first week.
Create Your Own Movement
Postmodern Project Instructions
Description, links, requirements
Postmodernism Reading
Reading to Annotate: "The Power of Images"
March Pause and Reflect Assignment
for theme development and 2nd year nontesters
September Continue Your Thread
IB2 January/February Projects for Exhibition
Art Gallery Museum Visit Requirements

 Link to My You Tube Page For Art Education

Prescreened videos on theory, art history, contemporary art, and techniques.

 Links to the Art World
Click here for links to the art world
Washington State Arts Standards
Washington State Art Standards

   S  c  h  e  d  u  l  e  

per1 IB Art (303)
Per2 Visual Art 1 (303)
per3 Art Studio (303)
Prep room 303
per4 prep (303)
per5 IB Art (303)
per6 Visual Art 1 (303)
After School - Room 303 until 3:00 most days


How to Screenprint - Dickblick
Printmaking Processes - How to Screenprint
Print Making by Artemio Rodriguez

Sculpture/Recycled Art

Recycled Book Purse
Recycled T-Shirt Bag
Recycled Redbull
Recycled Artist John Dahlsen
Recycled Art Brian Jungen
Recycled Art Brian Jungen 2
Recycled Art Festival, Vancouver
Recycled Innertube Jewelry


Perspective Lessons- Depaul University
A great page that shows shapes with value
Pottery - Kenneth Standhardt Pottery - OPB
Greek Pottery Website
Lakeside Pottery
Great demos and tips
Essential Vermeer
Great info about Vermeer and painting techniques