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January 16, 2019
Ms. Keiser

Email: jamie.keiser@vansd.org (Best way to reach me)

Voice mail: 313-3974

Prep period - 5th: 11:35-1:05 on a normal schedule day

After school hours: Fall & Spring sports season during practice days: 2:05-2:55 as I coach cross country and track.  On meet days and Wednesdays I am not available after school. After the fall and spring sports season daily till 2:30 and at least once a week  2:05-3:00ish

Students and Parents:  If you have questions on projects, grades, or other personal issues please approach me before school (7:05-7:25) or after school (2:10-2:30) or during my prep period (11:35-1:05)




Photography classes are in room 504


Period 1: 7:30-8:25 Photo III

Period 2: 8:30-9:30 Photo I/II

Period 3: 9:35-10:30 Photo I/II

Period 4: 10:35-11:30 Photo I/II

Period 5: 12:10-1:05 Prep period (with 2nd lunch)

Period 6: 1:10-2:05 IB Photo

I expect all students to be in their seat ready to go when the bell rings.

Parents if you need to get in contact with your students please call them during the breaks between periods as they will not be allowed to answer their phones or receive texts in class.

Photography I/Photo II- Beginning Photo
Photography III - Advanced Photo
IB Art/IB Photo (2nd year & testing seniors)
Leadership Log
Leadership log and list of how to obtain leadership points
Pentax K1000 SLR Manual
PDF file of film camera manual we use in class - Pentax K1000
Back of Cheat Sheet for Digital Camera - Canon EOS T1i 500D
Cheat sheet for camera setting on digital SLR - Canon EOS T1i 500D
Useful Links

Useful Links: photo competitons, on-line tutorials, inspirational artists/photographers.

How to Talk About Art
Chroma Magazine
A great example of photography of student work from VSAA.
Non-destructive Dodge and Burn Tutorial
Canon EOS T1i 500d camera manual
Useful link to the digital camera we use in class.
Josh Keyes
Local artist/painter Josh Keyes
Nick Brandt
Wildlife Photographer
Andy Goldsworthy
HD video shot with Nikon D3S
Footage shot from International Space Station using a DSLR and it's HD 1080p video mode.
Lytro Camera
An interesting new "Light Field" camera. Check it out
Lens Baby
Fun accessory lenses for your DSLR/SLR cameras
Jerry Uelsmann
A very cool film photographer who uses multiple images to create surrealistic images.
Lee Jefferies
Beautiful and breathtaking portraits of the Homeless
LInk to Mr. Phelps page
Another great resource for all artists and IB students (testing links)
Six photographers approach to the same portrait
A very thought provocative video on how to photograph a portrait and how we can see people differently based on who we think they are.
IB examples and support
A wonderful document from IB showing student examples for testing and the examiner notes.
Art and sketchbook ideas
A great website of a UK teacher's website with student and teacher work and sketchbooks.

Canon EOS T1i 500D Manual
A link to the digital camera manual for we use in class.