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"History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are."
- David McCullough


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American Memory: Primary source documents are original source materials used as evidence to support a fact. Examples of primary source documents include: government documents, newspaper articles, photographs, maps, etc.



Landmark Supreme Court Cases: A landmark decision is the outcome of a legal case that establishes a precedent that either substantially changes the interpretation of the law or that simply establishes new case law on a particular issue. Landmark cases in the United States come most frequently from the United States Supreme Court. Free Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History. Welcome to the first and largest encyclopedia of community history created expressly for the Internet. This site provides a free, authoritative, and easily accessible history reference. History at your fingertips! Search on any subject.


PBS History: Discover the past through PBSs world history both ancient and modern; United States history; war and espionage; and biographies sections.



BBC History: This site is dedicated to bringing history to life, for the casual browser and the total enthusiast. Students are always welcome.



Pathfinder: A Pathfinder is a web page accessible to students that presents resource links to guide a student as s/he looks for specific information for a project or assignment.



Teacher Edition: Lessons and resources available to help teachers design and develop CBA lesson plans; and to use as support materials when working in the classroom to help their students meet the requirements of the CBA they are engaged in. This is only available to teachers and support staff.