Washington State History
Washington in the Pacific Northwest
An online copy of the 7th grade Social Studies textbook. User name: wapnw / Password: wapnw
The state we're in: Washington
The State We’re In: Washington is an online and printed educational publication developed by the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund. Part of a larger Civic Education Project, this instructional resource establishes the link between public participation and effective government. Colorful graphs, historical photos and thought-provoking illustrations help to describe the basics of government, and the connection between a governing authority and culture and economy. Young readers and adults alike will gain a robust sense of past and present tribal governance and their relationship to state and local government in Washington.
Washington History
A wealth of information about Washington State history from the Washington Secretary of State.
Encyclopedia of WA State
More great information about Washington from 'The free online Encyclopedia of Washington State History'.
The State of Washington
Detailed information about Washington State from 'The US50'.
Washington Place Names
This database provides information about geographic places in Washington - sponsored by the Tacoma Public Library.
Simply Washington
"Want to learn more about the beautiful state of Washington? Browse through our new online book, 'Simply Washington', which explains all aspects of Washington State – from profiles on key players in state government, to the basics of voting, to lessons in law creation. We have also highlighted what makes this state so unique, like its booming tech industry, history of strong women leaders, and much more." - Sam S. Reed, Washington Secretary of State
Historical Books of Washington
Classics in Washington History is a digital collection of full-text books that brings together rare, out of print titles for easy access by students, teachers, genealogists and historians. Visit Washington's early years through the lives of the men and women who lived and worked in Washington Territory and State.
Historic Newspapers in Washington
Search historical newspapers from across Washington state.
Pacific Northwest Historical Documents Database
The Pacific Northwest Historical Documents database is a collection of original, diaries, letters, reminiscences and political documents drawn from various sources within the University of Washington's Special Collections Division.
Additional Washington State history links
Various links compiled by Alki MS
Go Northwest
An online travel guide for Washington State.
Research Washington
Research Washington is the gateway to learning about Washington’s past by exploring objects, publications, ephemera and more. The Washington State Historical Society is home to many unique collections and includes over 80,000 artifacts and half a million images.
Washington State Parks
Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure or a quiet retreat from the world, you'll find it in one of Washington's extraordinary state parks.
Washington maps
Washington State Digital Collection
WA Local History Network
Washington Historical Society
WA-Find it
History of the Pacific Northwest (University of Washington Libraries)
Washington Women's History
Study of Pacific Northwest
WA counties
Washington State History
Washington State - Tribal Education
Washington:The State - Tourism Site
Washington:The State - Tourism Site
Washington Territorial Timeline
A historical timeline of the Pacific Northwest and Washington Territory using pictures and documents from the WA State Archives.
Washington State Timeline
History Link
USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory
Your expert resource for information about Mt. St. Helens and the other volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest region.
Mount St. Helens - USGS
Information about past & current activity on Mount St. Helens from the USGS.
Volcanic Violence
From 'The Why Files?' - everything you ever wanted to know about Mount St. Hellens but were to afraid to ask.
Makah Whaling Links
Fort Vancouver
An Historical Overview of Vancouver Barracks, 1846-1898
Vancouver Historic Reserve 1898-1920

Did you know that the Pacific Northwest’s first hospital, school, orchard, library, grist mill, saw mill, shipyard, and dairy were all established at the Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Vancouver? Learn more about this by visiting Fort Vancouver National Historic Site!
Hawaiians at Fort Vancouver
Oregon Trail Links
Oregon Trail & Tails from Wyoming
Oregon - California Trails Association
Rivers and Dams
The Mighty Columbia River
Produced in 1947, this 10 minute, historical film shows the work of the Bonneville and Grand Coulee dams in making the Columbia River a source of hydroelectric power. Also depicts other uses of the river, such as shipping and irrigation and as a fishing bed for salmon. Use this link if you don't have a VPS account: http://www.archive.org/details/MightyCo1947
Bureau of ReclamationPowering One Corner of the World (1987)
The Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River has brought many benefits to the people of the West Coast. This 8 minute film from 1987 shows the operation of the dam and how water and power is supplied to the West Coast. Use this link if you don't have a VPS account: http://www.archive.org/details/gov.ntis.ava19490vnb1.3
Dams (FEMA)
Dams-Columbia and Snake Rivers
Dams-Grand Coulee
Dams-Grand Coulee History
Nuclear waste
Hanford Challenge
Hanford Watch Intro
WA - Dept. of Ecology
NBC News - Hanford Nuclear Site Clean-up
History of the Hanford Site: 1943-1990
The Hanford Project: Safe as Mother's Milk
The Manhatton Project & Hanford - Atomicarchive.com
Japanese-American Internment
Ansel Adams's Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar “Suffering a Great Injustice: Photographs of Manzanar” These images of Japanese-American Internment provide a visual record which augments the written record of this historical event.
Tule Lake Segregation Center
Tule Lake Segregation Center was the largest and most controversial of the ten War Relocation Authority WRA camps used to incarcerate persons of Japanese descent during World War Two.
Asian Viewpoint
Exploring the Japanese-American internment through film and the internet
Japanese-American Internment (Awesome Stories)
Camp Harmony Exhibit
Children of the Camps Documentary
Densho (personal narratives)
Executive Order 9066
Japanese American Relocation Sites
National Archives
Race, Racism and the Law
San Francisco Museum
Abundant Dreams Diverted (Seattle Times Article June 1996)
Forests and Logging
Anthony Forest Products
Idaho Forest Products Commission
Renewing the Forest
Washinton Forest Proctection Asssociation
WA - Dept. of Natural Resources
The Clearcutting Controversy
Clearcut logging
WA Forest Law Center
Chinese info from SF, CA
Indentured Servants
Italian Americans
Southern Italian American
Irish Immigration - Potato Famine
Slaves #1
Savery #2
Scandinavian immigration
German, Italian, Russian, Asian, Scandinavians immigration
Ethnic groups
Japanese Americans
Interview w/Italian Immigrant
Old Timers Recall Early Days At Camas Inn
African Americans in Vanport
African American History in the West
Dams, Immigration and Labor
Unions (Economic Policy Institute)
Unions-1919 Strike