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Ancient Civilizations textbook connections
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History for Kids
Ancient & Lost Civilizations
Ancient & Classical Cultures
Ancient History Sourcebook
Human Origins/Ancient Civilizations - Kids OLR
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Ancient Cultures
History World
BBC-Ancient History
Multnomah County Library - Ancient History and Culture
Unit 1 - Early People and Lifeways
Mesopotamia - British Museum
Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Israel- Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Unit 2 - Early Civilizations in Africa
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Egypt Today
Ancient Africa
Ancient Egypt - National Geographic
Unit 3 – Early Civilizations in Asia
Ancient China
Ancient India
Ancient Persia
Ancient Persia - the forgotten empire
Ancient China - British Museum
Ancient India - British Museum
Early Imperial China - British Museum
Unit 4 – Early Civilizations in Europe - Ancient Greece
Greek Mythology
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece Index
Ancient Greece - British Museum
Encyclopedia Mythica
Comparisons between Rome and Greece
Geography / Sea Life
Ancient Greek Cities
The Evolution of Cuneiform
Ancient Greece
The Olympians
Places in the Greek Myths - 1
Places in the Greek Myths - 2
6th grade
Ancient Greece (Kidipede)
Ancient Greece (ThinkQuest)
Anicent Greece for Kids (Mr. Donn)
Greek Religion (Encyclopedia Mythica)
Odyssey on line Greece!
Gods, Goddesses and Mythology
Unit 4 – Early Civilizations in Europe - Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome for Kids
Ancient Rome
Roman Gladiator
Ancient Rome
Life of Jesus
Ancient Rome PBS
Ancient Rome (
Ancient Rome (ThinkQuest)
Ancient Rome (Mr. Donn)
Ancient Rome (BBC)
Roman Empire
Rome: Republic to Empire
Roman Colosseum
Unit 5 – Early Civilizations in Americas
Ancient Olmec Civilization
The Olmecs
The Mayas
Aztec History
The Aztecs
Ancient Aztec, Olmec & Mesoamerica
The Incas
Maya Facts
Mayan Civilization
The Maya: History & Culture
Mayans - History of the Net
Maya Civilization - Ancient History
Maya - Britannica Encyclopedia
Maya - Khan Academy Video
Maya - Homul Frieze
Maya Secrets - National Geographic
History of the Mayans - Tour
Inca Explorer