iTech Prep FAQs
Smarter Balanced (SBAC) Testing Resources
Required Use Policy and Usage Fee forms
At the beginning of the school year, iTech parents and students were given copies of the Required Use Policy and Usage Fee forms. Unfortunately, the signature lines were missing on the Usage Fee form. We have learned much these first few months and have revised this form to include more specific language addressing responsibility for the student laptops. As iTech needs a record of these signed forms,if you have not already done so we're asking that iTech parents and students sign and return the updated Usage Fee forms to iTech. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, Principal, Christina Iremonger
Keeping Our Kids Safe SPAN
Parent Canvas Information
Describes Canvas logins for parents and what parents can and cannot view in their student's Canvas account.
Parent Toolkit
Online tool for parents: has an free online bilingual (English/Spanish) tool for parents that offers help to parents who want to prevent their children from abusing drugs and alcohol. Clear, understandable content is brought to life with customized checklists, how-to guides and videos featuring parents and experts touching on various aspects of substance abuse for those who are at different stages in raising their children.


Lost and Found Protocol at WSUV

When the college students are on campus with our students we will not be able to determine if an found item is our student's or not so we will follow the protocol established by WSUV for lost and found items.

All lost and found items should be turned in to Public Safety as the central repository for property on campus. Public Safety manages lost and found storage and returns at the Parking Services office in the Physical Plant building.

Anyone wishing to claim found property on campus must file a claim form and follow the procedures in accordance with existing RCW's for lost and found property (RCW 63.21.010)

Direct anyone looking for lost items to contact via email or by phone so we can assist with item retrieval or log the lost items in for contact if later returned to us.


Phone: 360.546.9002

Student Fees & Fines: If you have not finished paying your student fees please come to JPC to take care of that. If you are not sure if your student has a fine you can check on Family Access.

Absence Procedures

A phone call is nice to alert us of the student’s absence. However you will still get the automated call for the student’s absence. Please send a note with your student upon returning to school.

Attendance line to report an absence 313-5223

The attendance policy is as follows:

A student must check-in upon returning from an absence of any length (whether or not the student has a note from a parent/guardian). A written excuse signed by the parent or guardian for an absence must be provided within three school days after the absence. If an excuse is not provided within three days, the absence will be considered unexcused/truant. Notes should include: parent and student names, date and reason for absence.

Absences may only be excused in writing (not by phone call).