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The Armed Forces offer positions to hundreds of thousands of high school seniors each year. Whatever your needs or goals are after high school, the military has a program that can fit your plans, whether your goal is job training, a career, or a college education. You can enter the military at any time: joining during high school, after high school, after a couple of years of work or college, or after college.

In addition to having an opportunity to serve their country, members receive many benefits:

1. free technical training in over 200 different skill areas;

2. thirty days of vacation with pay per year;

3. excellent educational opportunities;

4. medical and dental care at no charge.

Entrance requirements for the various branches have become much more selective in recent years. Criteria for eligibility include:

1. be at least 17 years of age;

2. be physically qualified;

3. be of good moral character (drug-free and no police record);

4. qualify on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB);

5. have a high school diploma.

Requirements are subject to change. See your local recruiter for current requirements.


There are many career opportunities in the military services which are transferable to civilian jobs if you do not wish to make the military a career. Opportunities in the armed forces are greatly limited when the student has not completed high school. Listed below are addresses and telephone numbers of military branches:

U.S. Army and Army Reserve

8109 NE Vancouver Mall Drive

Vancouver, WA. 98662


U.S. Navy

Recruiting Station

8109 NE Vancouver Mall Drive

Vancouver, WA 98662


U.S. Air Force

Recruiting Station

8109 NE Vancouver Mall Drive

Vancouver, WA 98662


U.S. Coast Guard

8109 NE Vancouver Mall Drive

Vancouver, WA. 98662



U.S. Marine Corps

8109 NE Vancouver Mall Drive

Vancouver, WA 98662

Recruiting Station


Washington National Guard

Career Opportunities

11505 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. Ste F4

Vancouver, WA 98662



Entrance Requirements

The military academies are very competitive:  Fewer than 1% of admission inquiries are selected, and of these 40% do not graduate. They are looking for young men and women who are physically fit, above average in intelligence, aggressive, persistent, and have a burning desire to win; young men and women who want to earn a college degree in a field of his/her choice, plus receive a commission as an officer in a branch of the Service following graduation; young men and women who can maintain a rigid daily schedule, conform to strict discipline, and develop qualities and dedication to service for your country; and young men and women who can withstand pressure.


Step One:  The first step in securing an appointment to one of the academies is to write and ask for a Pre-Candidate Questionnaire.  Addresses are:


            ARMY                                                                              NAVY

            Admissions Office                                           Admissions Office

            United States Military Academy                      United States Naval Academy

            606 Thayer Road                                             121 Blake Rd.

            West Point, NY  10996-1797                           Annapolis, MD  21402-5000



            AIR FORCE                                                   MERCHANT MARINE

               Admissions Office                                                                Admissions Office

            United States Air Force Academy                    Merchant Marine Academy

            2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 200                            300 Steamboat Rd

            USAF Academy, CO  80840-5025                    Kings Point, New    York  11024



            COAST GUARD *                                         * No Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

            Admissions Office                                           required and no nomination process.  

            United States Coast Guard Academy               Write directly for an application.

            15 Mohegan Avenue

            New London, CT  06320-8103



Step Two:  Write to each of your senators and your congressmen and ask that they consider you as one of their nominees.  In this letter you should indicate your first, second, third and fourth choices for academies, as well as your name, address, phone number, name of your high school, year of graduation, and your parents' names.


Costs:  None.  Full U.S. government scholarships are awarded, which covers tuition, room and board.  Each student also receives a stipend monthly to meet cost of books, supplies, clothing, and personal expenses. 


ROTC programs, which combine regular college course work with military training, are offered at a number of colleges throughout the U.S. (see your Counselor or Career Specialist for a list).  If the college of your choice doesn't have an ROTC program, some local colleges have cross registration with a college that does.  Here's how it works:  While in college, a student generally majors in the field of his choice.  One to three days a week, he/she will spend approximately an hour per day in military science courses or activities.  ROTC students will spend part of a couple of summers at summer camp or military bases.  At the end of four years, he/she receives a college degree and a commission as an officer in the branch of service he/she selected.  He/she then serves 4-5 years of active duty.



Students in the ROTC program can apply for a 4-, 3- or 2-year scholarship.  A student who applies for and receives the 4-year scholarship gets full tuition and fees paid at the college selected, provided that ROTC is available.  In addition, the military will provide for all books and supplies, plus a monthly stipend to apply toward room and board or expenses.


ROTC scholarships involve a competitive application process.  In addition to the written application, candidates must undergo a physical examination, formal interview, and a physical abilities test.  For an application, see your nearest recruiter or write for an application:


Air Force ROTC

University of Portland

Portland, Or.  






University of Portland

Dept of Military Science

Portland, Or.  

(503) 943-ROTC ext. 7353






Portland, Or.