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COMMUNITY COLLEGES                                                                    

·        Community college students enjoy a full range of student programs such as athletics, publications, music, drama, and student government.

·        Some of the more popular vocational programs do have a waiting list.  You may wish to enroll in the college and take related courses until your name reaches the top of the waiting list.

·        For an adult without a high school diploma, the community college offers a high school completion program.  If a person has difficulty with reading or math, there are special kinds of help available.

·        Community colleges vary in the programs that they offer.  See your Career Center for information regarding specific community colleges in Oregon and Washington.



Clark College ( offers occupational training programs designed to prepare students for employment.  Some programs require only one quarter of course work; others require two years.


There are basically four ways to approach such programs:

1.     Individual Courses:  In some occupational programs it is possible to select classes at random and start and stop at one's own discretion.


2.     Certificate Programs:  In most occupational programs it is wise or necessary to work toward a certificate or credential.  A Certificate of Completion is awarded in some cases for the completion of certain classes.  A Certificate of Proficiency is possible in other programs and implies a basic level of preparation for employment.


3.     Associate Degree in Applied Science: This leads to employment.  In some occupational programs it is wise or necessary to complete all requirements for the Associate in Applied Science degree.  This degree not only implies a basic level of preparation for employment, but also indicates that the graduate has completed academic study in traditional college disciplines (See Clark College Catalogue)


4.           Transfer Programs:  This leads to continuing studies at a four year college.  Clark College offers a selection of transfer courses which satisfy most of the lower division requirements of institutions in Washington and some other states. 



Admission Process

Clark College uses an electronic application process. To apply online, go to High school seniors should apply in March or April. There is a non-refundable $20 application fee.


Questions about applying to Clark College? Call (360) 699-NEXT.

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