Hudson's Bay High School Career Center

A video well worth watching! Career-preparation plans should include gaining knowledge & technical skills
"Employers want to know what you can do, and what you can do well; not just what degree hangs on your wall" - Kevin Fleming, Ph.D.
Fastest-growing occupations, according to federal government
Which occupations are projected to experience the highest increase in the number of job openings between 2010-2020? Check the government's researched predictions.
Completing education and developing skills pays off!
Data shows that - - in general - - the more education and skills a person attains, the less unemployment and the more salary he/she can expect. See data from the federal government.
Saturday Academy - - Explore! Learn! Be Adventurous!
Explore careers! Develop skills and interests! Saturday Academy offers adventures for the curious! The program offers hands-on classes & camps for students in grades 2 – 12 in a variety of topics. From Chemistry Experiments to Lego Physics to Photography and Backpacking Adventures, Saturday Academy has something for every student.
Clark County, Washington, employment information
Scott Bailey, SW Washington's regional labor economist, shares data about our area's employment picture.
"My Next Move" website
What do you want to do for a living??
WA Career Paths
Kick start your career path in high school! Find valuable resources to put your plan into action: Career Research - Dual Credit Options - Skill Centers - Apprenticeships - College
"What Do You Like?"
A site that lets you explore career information, from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Interested in a career in construction?
This Washington-based website has resources for students, educators and industry personnel including training and events, curriculum and how to find training programs in the construction industry.
Law Enforcement Explorers
The Explorer Program is designed to give students ages 15½ to 21 an opportunity to observe the criminal justice system and assist them in making an informed career decision. Explorers provide non-enforcement assistance to the Sheriff's Office and serve their community through a wide variety of functions.


Career Cruising
A comprehensive system that allows you to take career-interest questionnaires as well as learn about careers and pathways to prepare for careers. Also, a comprehensive source of information about U.S. career-training programs and institutions of higher education. You need pass codes to enter this system. These codes are available in your high school's Career Center.
WA Career Paths
There are so many great career and education resources in Washington state. WA Career Paths is designed to quickly connect you to the best resources on YOUR road to success.
WOIS/The Career Information System
A comprehensive system that allows you to take career-interest questionnnaires and learn about careers and pathways to prepare for careers. The site also provides information about military training programs and our country's institutions of higher education. You need pass codes to enter WOIS. You can obtain your school's pass codes from the Career Center at your high school.
My Next Move
Career research website that allows you to search careers by key words, browse careers by industry, or find careers related to your interests.
Washington State Employment Security Department
Check out the state's monthly employment report, local unemployment statistics, county profiles, and more
Washington Career Bridge
Career Bridge is Washington's one-stop for career and education planning. 1.Explore Careers--First, find out what you like to do by taking a quiz. 2.View Job Trends--Next, discover if a career is growing and how much it pays. 3.Find Education--Finally, search over 5,000 education programs to find locations and costs, whether students got jobs, what industries they went to work in, and how much they were paid. This site was created by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, a partnership of labor, business and government dedicated to helping Washington residents obtain and succeed in family-wage jobs, while meeting employers' needs for skilled workers.
Washington Career Bridge step-by-step guide
Click here for a document that guides you through the many valuable features of the Washington State Career Bridge web site.
TechForce Foundation - Resources for Future Auto Technicians
TechForce Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) that champions students to and through their education and into careers as professional technicians.