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Xello Help Page
This document explains what is required for your High School & Beyond Plan at each grade level. It also has information on how to log in.
7 Things Employers Look for When They Hire
Would you want an employer to check your Facebook page? Have you successfully completed at least one internship? These are amongst the items a future employer is apt to investigate about you.
How to land a high-demand job with a low-cost degree
The chairman of the state's Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board points out that not all good-paying jobs require a four-year college degree.
Apprenticeships & college degrees combined in programs
NBC News article: ". . .as the economy changes, today’s apprenticeships combine the chance for workers not only to master skills while earning a paycheck but to get a college degree at the same time."
Handbook for seniors: Post high school options for study and work.
College degrees pay off !
A new state analysis shows it takes Washington college graduates two years past graduation to start to earn more money than their friends who didn't go to college and to get on the path toward making up their financial investment, according to an article in The Columbian newspaper.
America's fastest-growing occupations
Which occupations are predicted to have the most openings for workers in the next few years? Read the federal government's researched predictions.
Dual Credit Lookup Tool
This tool replaces some static information with an interactive tool, allowing students to search and compare how their high school AP, IB, and Cambridge exam scores will apply as college credit at various public and private independent institutions in Washington State. Overall, this process increases transparency for students, parents, and counselors regarding how students will be awarded college credit for their credit-by-exam courses.